Product does not work after switch on, what shall I do?

Please make sure appliances with rechargeable functions are fully charged before use. For other battery operated appliance, please check battery ”+” and “-“ is correctly placed according to the markings on the appliance. For mains operated appliance, make sure power cord is securely connected to mains supply. If problem persists, please contact DixixSupport@dixix.com

Trimming Performance is not as good as before, what shall I do?

Please make sure the Blade head is properly cleaned. Remove excessive hair that are trapped in between the blade.

How do I clean my appliance?

Always refers to the Direction for Use that comes in the package. You may also find Direction for Use at http://www.dixix.com/en/product-support.php

Can I use DIXIX appliances on pets?

No. DIXIX appliance is designed for  human usage. They are not recommended to use on pets.

What's the difference between foil and rotary shavers?

Rotary shavers are designed to work with cyclical movements while foil shavers are designed to work with efficient sideways movements on the skin giving perfect control and precision. The foils protect the skin from irritation and are specifically designed to deliver the most thorough and comfortable shave.

Are rechargeable battery in DIXIX appliances replaceable?

 No. All rechargeable batteries in DIXIX appliances are non-replaceable. 

Product has odour, what shall I do?

Appliance might not have been properly dried before storage. Repeat the cleaning procedure as stated in DFU and allow to dry more thoroughly before storage. Continue with regular maintenance as required.

Does DIXIX appliances comes with Product Warranty?

Yes. All DIXIX appliances offer 2 years of warranty from date of purchase. Given the product is used and maintained in accordance with the information contained in the user manual, defects affecting product functionality will be corrected by replacement within the guarantee period, all subject to DIXIX’s final decision. Defects repaired by an unauthorized dealer are not covered. All replacement sets will remain having warranty cover accounting from their original date of purchase for 2 years.

What is DIXIX Warranty Return Policy?

All Dixix products come with 2-years warranty. Products that are found to be faulty under normal usage will be fully replaced within 2-years from invoice date. Please return the faulty product plus a RETURN FORM. Failure to do so will prevent us from processing any replacement. We recommend that you send back the product by registered post & retain proof of posting as we cannot be held responsible for goods lost or damage in transit at return. Replacements are made approximately in two weeks after receipt of goods to allow for inspection. We will cover all costs for postage and replacement unit.

Shall the unit of replacement is no longer available (phased out of old models), we will update you and offer the next successor model or closest alternatives as replacement.

Further queries, please contact DixixSupport@dixix.com

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Retailers in Hong Kong

 Retailers in Hong Kong:


將軍澳廣場 - 將軍澳唐德街1號將軍澳廣場商場1樓1-140號舖 電話:2178 2383

馬鞍山廣場店 - 馬鞍山西沙路608號馬鞍山廣場 L2層278號舖電話:3524 7399

天水圍天澤商場 - 天水圍天澤商場1樓108號舖 電話:2771 9600

都會駅商場 - 將軍澳景嶺路8號都會駅商場第2層L2-066號舖(大快活對面)電話:2348 4633

黃埔聚寶坊店-紅磡黃埔花園11期聚寶坊地庫B1層B34A舖 電話:2459 9967

新蒲崗 wishh outlet - 香港九龍新蒲崗太子道東704號新時代工貿商業中心7樓 電話:5366 1340

旺角始創中心店 - 旺角彌敦道750號始創中心1樓119號舖 電話:3140 6122

觀塘巧明街112號友聯大廈 5B  2樓 
沙田置富第一城 1 樓 144A,144B & 145A 號舖 2618 6625
太子始創中心二樓240   電話:2522 2055
太子始創中心二樓 201 電話: 3524-7348
灣仔電腦城一樓154號舖 電話: 2771-7707
Ideal Digital 
旺角星際城市二樓 207  電話:2332 4222
旺角電腦中心二樓221室 電話 92479306
Mura Mura 執到寶
旺角電腦中心二樓 215 電話:2361 1122
九龍油塘高超道38號大本型217號舖 電話:2805-8292
皇室堡 3樓 309鋪 電話: 25296377 
大埔安慈路4號昌運中心一樓85-86 & 88-89號
藍田 興田村 美田樓地下
King Power
深水埗福華街146號黃金商場地庫43B 舖
旺角彌敦道558-560號譽發廣場 15 樓 1503室
油塘油麗商場 G 樓 11 號店 電話:2710 8099
黄大仙龍翔道120號新光中心2樓209舖  電話:3996 7494
1號客運大樓7T098 號舖香港國際機場,離島區"
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